Elisabeth & Walter

Walter Hauer is a mechanical engineer/automobile engineer with 25 years of experience, assisting customers in the public and private sector with consulting services related to waste management and environmental issues. He was one of the pioneers to develop a calculation scheme for life cycle assessment of disposable and reusable packaging. Walter‘s love of outdoor sports has its roots in the Alps: He is Chair of Alpine Club Vienna and Co-Chair of Alpine Club Vienna’s regional branch which boast nearly 140,000 members. Together with his partner Elisabeth Mattes, Walter has even cycled the entire length of the Rocky Mountains on a tandem bike. To join him on his frequent trips, Elisabeth, a wildwater canoeing enthusiast herself, decided to put her own professional sports ambitions aside for quite a while. In the 1980s, she was a member of the Austrian Wildwater Canoeing National Team. Elisabeth has over 20 years of experience in the communications sector, serving as senior communications manager for major Austrian companies including ARA AG, the mobile communications provider A1, Telekom Austria Group and the University of Vienna. Today, she provides consulting services to companies and organisations. Elisabeth and Walter have two grown-up children together.